...empowering destinies!

We are raising godly men and women with purity, power and purpose who will govern every sector and sphere of the society.

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Hey, good to have you here! Welcome to Destiny Impact Church!

Destiny Impact Church is commissioned by God to prepare and empower people to fulfil their God-given destinies. At DIC, we believe that nobody is a biological accident; every human being is a destiny on two legs.

Thus, our mission is to help everyone who comes in contact with our ministry to discover who they really are in God, what they have been ordained by God to do with their lives, and to equip them to become God’s best for their lives.

Destiny Impact Church is a word-based ministry where the truth of God’s word is taught with simplicity and clarity under an atmosphere of faith and love.

We are a family of purpose-conscious people who have discovered the essence of the Church family and are committed to doing life together.

We believe that your connecting with us via this site is not an accident but a divine orchestration to bring you onboard with what God is doing in our generation.

It is our hope that you will find us as a people sent to your life and destiny by God and every interaction you have with us will move you closer to the fulfilment of your ultimate destiny.

Welcome onboard!

Welcome to Destiny Impact Church!


Pastor ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor

Our Mission & Vision

Destiny Impact Church Destiny Impact Church exists to teach, empower and lead people to fulfil their God-given destinies.

DIC provides a home for the confused and directionless, where they would get light and direction for their lives as they embrace their God-given destiny. We are raising orderly, strong and destiny conscious Christians who will impact their world for God.

Service Times


Impartation Service

9am – 11am


Plug In (Prayer Meeting)

6pm – 7:15pm


Destiny Encounters (Midweek/Communion Service)

6pm – 7:45pm

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Teachings and Devotionals


During one of our Built2Last Conferences, a dear one asked a very thought provoking question; "Sir, I noticed that during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, my spiritual life was on high, but now it's not been like that. What could be wrong and what can I do?" This led...


Years ago, I was in a Church convention where a man of God was invited to minister. He spoke powerfully. Then as he was rounding up his message, he called for people to sow some financial seeds. Immediately my flesh revolted; "Must he call for seeds? Must we always...



We used to have a young man then on campus who would always prioritize thinking above praying. He actually preached a message while in fellowship where he said to everyone; "you need sensibility in the journey of life, not sensitivity." It bothered me. Today, his life...